The ART DJ Pre II needs to be in each DJ’s gig field! Vinyl information have drawbacks. Bass compensation could be wanted throughout playback. Data produce a certain quantity of hiss, and magnetic cartridges produce a weak sign. A separate RIAA preamp is important if you find yourself connecting a turntable to a mixer that doesn’t have one inbuilt. The ART DJ Pre II options an RIAA-type phono preamp circuit with full patching services for connecting a phono turntable and mixer. The DJ PRE II (previously named the Phono MicroPRE ) acts as an interface between your turntable and your audio recording / playback system. The analog enter capacitance could be switched between 100pF and 200pF to optimize your phono cartridge response. A switchable low lower filter removes turntable rumble whereas leaving the audio pristine. The entrance achieve trim management and sign/clip LED assist you to optimize the preamp’s achieve for a variety of enter sources. The built-in low noise phono preamp circuitry is extremely correct and exactly conforms to the RIAA customary. The road output jacks are low impedance and can be utilized with any sound card. Housed in an all aluminum black anodized case, the DJ PRE II could be powered by all kinds of exterior provides. If it is advisable amplify and EQ your vinyl information to interface along with your audio workstation, sound card, residence stereo system or primary monitor system, the DJ PRE II offers you flawless audio replica in a rugged and dependable bundle. ART DJ Pre II Options Twin RCA-type inputs Twin RCA-type outputs Floor terminal Energy: 12V DC (Adapter included) ARTcessories Collection Overview Artistic audio options in cool little containers. ARTcessories are taking the audio world by storm and rapidly changing into a well-liked model with musicians, DJs and studio engineers all over the place across the World. Break up, mix, combine, energy… you identify it. On stage, within the studio, in your lounge, they’re simple to make use of and are constructed to final. For these instances if you want a bit of field to repair a bigRCA-type enter R/L
RCA-type output R/L
Floor terminal
Energy: 12V DC (Adapter included)
Value: $46.80


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