What are Canine Rocks?
Canine Rocks are a 100% Pure Australian product that may save your garden from these nasty burn patches that your Canine’s urine may cause. Canine Rocks filter out impurities from water corresponding to Tin, ammonia and nitrates. These impurities are normally handed out by way of urine, and when grass is available in contact with these parts it ends in urine burn on grass, leading to a useless, yellow patch in your garden. Canine Rocks give your 4 legged pal a cleaner supply of water, whereas eliminating urine burn on grass this may consequence within the cease of these nasty burnt yellow patches in your garden. With out the impurities within the water, Canine Rocks really assist your canine fertilize your garden! That is nice for you, your canine & your garden! 600 grams treats your canine three quart water bowl for 2 months (three quarts; 96 ounces; 6 liters)100-P.c NATURAL
Saves your garden and shrubs from canine and bitch urine burn marks
Protected for all family pets
Solely 100-P.c pure prevention and treatment available on the market
Distinctive and confirmed; 1 Million + Rocks bought worldwide since early 2000’s
Worth: $39.99 - $27.69


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