Firmer Grip and Extra Stability
The VAVA Car Air Vent Phone Holder is your essential day-to-day gadget for safer driving. The internal spring mechanism ensures that the clip will stay adhered to your air vent tightly even on the bumpiest roads, leaving no scratches or damages behind.

Convenient One-Click Release
Enjoy hassle-free experience each time you need to place in or take out your phone, thanks to the quick release button of this air vent mount holder. Set up everything easily with just one hand and you are ready to hit the road.

Adjustable and Secure Cradle
Not able to charge your phone when the battery is running low, because your phone holder blocks the charging port? This air vent phone holder tackles the problem by having a bottom support that can be adjusted sideways, allowing extra space for your charging cable, while also keeping your phone safe and sound.

Full 360 Degree Rotation
Prevent your vision from being blocked by swiveling the universal ball joint to the right position. Enjoy optimum viewing angles and drive with less distractions, whether you are talking on the phone, navigating, or listening to the music.

Broad Compatibility
Designed with non-slip clips and stretchable arms, this car phone mount works with all major vertical and horizontal air vents, and it can fit major phone sizes from 5.3 to 9.9 cm / 2.08 to 3.9 inches, including the iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6s, 6, SE, 5s, 5, 4S, 4.

Firmer Grip: Drive safe with a phone car mount that will stay put even on the bumpiest roads without leaving scratches on the vent blades, thanks to the internal spring mechanism
One-Click Release: Save time and power when you’re in a hurry by single-handedly attaching or detaching your phone from the holder without hassle
Adjustable Cradle: Stretch the side arms for the best fit and conveniently move the bottoms to the left or the right to allow space for the charging cable
360 Degree Rotatable Joint: Achieve maximum flexibility and obtain the best viewing angle for a safe driving, whether you are talking, navigating, or listening to music
Broad Compatibility: Designed for all major horizontal and vertical air vents, the extendable holder arms support all major Android phones and iPhones
Price: $12.99 - $8.99


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