When presenting a gift of money to someone special, replace the usual paper envelope with ”Don’t Count On It,” the special wooden puzzler from Family Games. Just slide your gift into the puzzle, secure it in place, wrap with the raffia string, and hand it over. The recipient can see your gift through the holes in the front of the box, but they’ll have have to solve the puzzle to retrive your gift. A humorous gift-giving idea for birthdays, graduations, weddings, showers, family gatherings and holiday celebrations. This clever alternative to the envelope holds standard-size gift certificates, concert and lottery tickets, paper money, coupons, and more. For ages 8 and over. Includes 1 puzzle, plexiglass liner, string, and instructions in 4 languages.Don’t Count on It with Raffia Tie is a clever way to present gifts of paper money, gift certificates, sports and concert tickets
Place your gift inside the wooden puzzle and hand it over
The recipient can see the contents through the holes in the top of the box, but must solve the puzzle to retrieve your gift
Instructions included in case the recipient gets stumped
From Family Games America, the socially and environmentally responsible game and puzzle people


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