** Detachable Phillips head chicago screws will let you EASILY set up your receiver onto the collar** Full Grip Provide E-Bungee Collar is a substitute collar for Digital coaching collars. The E-Bungee collar safely applies strain to the receiver (maintaining in touch with the canine) whereas maintaining the canine snug and free to maneuver. Straightforward on and off with out fussing with buckling excellent. Made within the USA utilizing Real Biothane. -Real Biothane -Retains even strain on receiever -Waterproof -Made in USA. Suits neck sizes 12-24″Waterproof Real Biothane
Retains even strain on receiever
three/four inch
Suits neck sizes 12 to 24 inch
Made in USA
Value: $17.00 - $15.00


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