Live Rowing helps connect you to a global community of athletes at similar fitness levels through premium Concept 2 accessories like the smartphone holder, quick connect cable, and fitness app. We are dedicated to removing the isolation factor from exercising and enhancing your workout experience.

LiveRowing Mount: The Concept 2 Rowing Machine is one of the best exercise machines, so we specially designed an iPhone holder to attach to your indoor rowing machine to help you get the best results from your workout.

LiveRowing Connector Cable: The LiveRowing cable allows you to connect your Concept2 ergometer rowing machine Performance Monitor to your smart phone in order to program and customize your most efficient workouts. Works for PM3, PM4, and PM5 models. PLEASE NOTE: PM5 is Bluetooth-enabled and does NOT need a cable to connect the monitor to your smart phone device, however you CAN use a cable if you prefer a direct connection. Performance Monitors 3 and 4 (PM3, PM4) however, REQUIRE a cable to connect to your smartphone.

LiveRowing App: The LiveRowing App was designed specifically to connect your ergometer rowing machine performance monitor to your iPhone so you can customize and enhance your workout. Challenge your friends and teammates, and track your workout activities!

FIRMWARE to run the LiveRowing App: Please check the firmware on your Concept2 Performance Monitor. Firmware for PM3 must be version 315 or greater, or if your firmware starts with 1XX, then 108 or greater. Firmware for the PM4 must be 318 or greater, or if it starts with 1X or 2X, must be 29 or greater. Please remove the Concept2 LogCard for the LiveRowing App to work properly.FIRST: Slide the smartphone mount onto the back of your Concept2 Rowing Machine to attach it. 5″ x 4″ x 2.5″ cradle holds phones as narrow as 2.25 inches to as long as 3.5 inches. Sits horizontally.
NEXT: Connect your iPhone and Performance Monitor together via Bluetooth (PM5) or with a LiveRowing Connect Cable (sold separately). PM5 does NOT require a connecting cable. PM3 & PM4 models DO REQUIRE a connection cable.
THEN: Download the FREE LiveRowing App to program your erg machine monitor for you. Choose from 100s of Free Featured Workouts, follow training programs, join Global Challenges, or compete against your friends.
MAKE WORKOUTS FUN: Connect to the world while you’re rowing by optimizing your workouts with fitness apps like LiveRowing (included) or Concept2 ErgData.
QUICK CONNECT: Cradle works with the iPhone 4S and above, iPod Touch 5th generation, and some Android devices. Snap your smart phone in and start your rower work out!
Price: $12.99


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