My Pet Peed Is An Environmentally Pleasant Pet Stain & Odor Removing Product. STAINS AND ODORS REMOVED: Urine, feces, vomit, blood and anything that may come out of an animal (or human). Additionally works on purple wine, espresso, tea, and soda stains. * It’s NOT a perfume or fragrance that quickly disguises or hides odors, however a everlasting ODOR ELIMINATOR. * Nearly odorless, non-staining, non-toxic and protected to make use of round pets, kids, and crops. * Incorporates no enzymes, bleaches, or harsh chemical compounds. is ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE! * Completely removes all stains and odors related to bacterial decomposition cased by pets, individuals, and different associated accidents. * Aids in burglary your pet by eradicating odors that entice them.The reality is pet stains & odors ARE NOT YOUR FAULT… In reality most pet stain and odor removers offered in shops at the moment not solely do not work, they really MAKE MATTERS WORSE.
HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED… why pet smells appear to maintain coming again? It is easy, most cleansing options are a type of cleaning soap. Cleaning soap is a type of salt. So all they’re actually doing is simply dehydrating the micro organism out. All it takes is little moisture (or humidity on a sizzling day) to reactivated the micro organism and produce the scent again. CRAZY HUH?
YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE: My Pet Peed is assured to take away all pet stains & odors brought on by ANYTHING that may come out of an animal. SUPER EASY TO USE: Simply spray and stroll away. My Pet Peed requires no scrubbing or rinsing normally. Simply pickup the surplus accident after which spray the realm. My Pet Peed will work on the outermost micro organism layer with every utility. For recent accidents, often one utility will due. For older/harder stains and odors it’s possible you’ll have to repeat utility.
My Pet Peed is NOT SOLD IN STORES. The components that in now My Pet Peed was initially invented by an ex-carpet cleaner to take away pet stains & odors from $20ok oriental rugs. After he shared a bottle (and why different merchandise do not work) with me, I knew I needed to SHARE BOTH THE TRUTH & SOLUTION with my fellow pet homeowners. My Pet Peed accommodates no detergents, salt, fragrances, harsh chemical compounds, or bleaches so it is protected to make use of round youngsters, pets and crops. It is also non-toxic and environmentally pleasant.
HAVE YOU EVER SEEN DINGY CARPET? That is typically brought on by one other aspect impact of detergent based mostly cleaners; even when they work to take away the stain/odor, they will depart a residue that pulls filth, mud and particles like a magnet. THINK ABOUT YOUR LAUNDRY ROOM and detergent. Simply the slightest little spill of detergent appears to draw lint from the dryer like a magnet. The identical factor occurs ON A LARGER SCALE whenever you use a carpet cleansing machine.
Worth: $39.95 - $32.95


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