Looking for a versatile accessory? It’s hard to beat our high quality colorful chiffon scarves! Guaranteed to complement your favorite poodle skirt, how you wear your scarf will be up to you. They are perfect for tying around a ponytail, using as a neckerchief, or dressing up your bouffant with a color.VINTAGE STYLE FLAIR. Take a trip back in time with Hip Hop 50’s Shop Sheer Chiffon Scarf. The retro look you are going for really stands out with this semi sheer 23″ square polyester chiffon design. Whether it be a pin-up, halloween costume, sock hop, or a party favor, choose from our wide variety of colors to complete your signature 50’s look!
MULTIPLE WEARING OPTIONS. Look adorable with one tied around your neck, pulling your hair up or around your wrist. This accessory is perfect anytime, any season, and any occasion. Cute, adorable styles and fashions are limitless as there are many ways to wear and a variety of colors to match with your vintage poodle outfit or normal attire as well.
FOLDS TO A SQUARE. The sheer fabric makes a 23″ square with hemmed edges of retro sophistication. When you’re not wearing it, the scarf folds beautifully into a square for easy storing and eliminating unwanted wrinkles and kinks.
SHEER CHIFFON POLYESTER. Polyester Chiffon fabric is a delightful, beautiful and versatile material that will add the appeal to your wardrobe. In addition to its beauty, this fabric is lightweight, soft and very comfortable to wear.
MACHINE WASHABLE. No “dry clean only” tag with this one. Enjoy the convenience of washing this scarf in the convenience of your own home and not having to worry about it being ruined. The fabric is versatile and will continue to look great after each wash.
Price: $9.99 - $7.14


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