At one time or one other, each potter will get pissed off on the wheel. Whether or not struggling to heart the clay or connect a deal with with precision, potters of all ranges crave recommendation and solutions, and world-renowned ceramicist and YouTube sensation Simon Leach has a lot to provide. In Simon Leach’s Pottery Handbook—a book-and-DVD bundle—he presents clear tutorials and a great deal of unique instruction on the entire core methods, from studio setup to fundamental throwing, to making use of appendages, trimming, glazing, and firing. For every method, detailed step-by-step pictures captures the refined, intricate actions that sometimes fly by too quick to be discovered when watching a video lesson; callouts then lead readers to the related video on the DVD to allow them to see the method demonstrated in actual time—a super mixture that makes studying from the grasp simple.

Reward for Simon Leach’s Pottery Handbook:

“A definitive information for each step of pottery making.” —Publishers Weekly

“Third-generation potter Leach, with technical and photographic help from Bruce Dehnert and Jared Flood, capitalizes on his celeb with an amazingly detailed, step-by-step textual content for all main processes in ceramics. The in-depth perspective begins together with his instructions for making easy instruments (a wire instrument and a sponge stick) and is bolstered by charts and information-packed sidebars (e.g., for eradicating air bubbles and troubleshooting your first pull). Each matter that novices should grasp is roofed, corresponding to working fundamental shapes (cylinder and variations dishes) trimming, adorning and glazing, and firing.” —Booklist 

“This ebook has a number of the most attractive pictures I’ve seen…” —Susan B. Anderson weblog

“Amongst how-to books, this quantity stands out. This gem is as rigorously honed as the talents it seeks to share.” —American Craft

“For these of us who study greatest with a combo of textual content and demonstrations, Simon Leach’s new ebook is the proper match.” —Ceramics Month-to-month


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