Product advantage: 
  The one you got is photosensitive stample.It is without ink but the oil can come out automatically.It is dry 
immediately after the press so the stamp is crystal clear.It can work hundreds.Perfect for Teacher’s classrooms  
and homework.These kids or teachers stamps are great educational toy to improve kids study. 
  It is oiled at the first using maybe but after a few times it is ok .Please put some paper or a book under the to be  
stamped paper so there is a elastic space to press.The stamped surface should be smooth(do not stamp on pointed 
things),the more smooth the clear stamp you get.
Package included 5 teacher review stamps: Good job,keep it up;Checked;Pass;Very good;Great
Stamp kit designed to help teacher and parents to process their kid’s work.
Stamp Type: Pre-Inked (No ink pad required)
Self-Inking Stamp in RED ink (Non-fillable)
Stamp impression size: about 0.5 inch in diameter


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