When accidents occur, exchange the udometer (glass vial) in your damaged Toland Dwelling Backyard Rain Gauge with certainly one of these Toland Substitute Udometers. Everybody loves basic Photo voltaic Rain Gauges, Backyard Delight Rain Gauges, Tabletop Rain Gauges and Cattail Rain Gauges from Toland Dwelling Backyard, however accidents occur and when Fido will get out at night time and bumps over your rain gauge you might want to switch the glass rain assortment tube (additionally know as an udometer). Exchange your damaged rain gauge with certainly one of these udometers, is available in both clear or amber coloured. Each colours match all kinds of rain gauges (besides of the Mini Rain Gauge), so selected your favourite.Substitute glass vial (udometer) suits each Toland Dwelling Backyard rain gauge product aside from the Mini Rain Gauge 211059
Roughly eight” tall and “2 diameter across the lip for resting within the ring of your rain gauge udometer holder
Options measurements in each imperial inches and metric centimeters
Measures as much as 7 inches or 17 centimeters of rainfall
Measurements are in daring, large-print letters that will not fade and are straightforward to learn
Value: $14.99 - $10.88


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