dust walker sandal canvas with handle bolsa bolso de zapatos para viajar ladies guy footwear holder cover transport carrying trip excursion container cloth boot sneaker closure packing protecting leather hanging hanger laundry athletic tennis sport golf gym tote dust water repellent essentials gear gadgets items equipment articles traveling washing4 PACK INCLUDES 2 Large Size Bags, 2 Regular Size Bags, and 1 Fastening Strap
SECURE & PROTECT YOUR DRESS SHOES AGAINST SCRATCHES during Travel or Storage using the Fastening Strap
PROTECT YOUR CLOTHES IN YOUR SUITCASE by Containing any Dirt or Debris Inside the Washable Bag
SAVE SPACE IN YOUR LUGGAGE with a Bag Made of a Soft and Flexible Material that Form Fits to Your Shoes
THE REGULAR SIZE Bag is 15 x 9.5 x 5 inches and fits 1 Pair of Women’s Shoes or 1 Single Men’s Shoe; THE LARGE SIZE is 18 x 11 x 4 inches and fits 1 Pair of Men’s Shoes or 1 Pair of Women Ankle Boots or High Heels
Price: $21.27 - $12.99


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