Hell cash is a type of joss paper printed to resemble authorized tender financial institution notes. This fake cash has been in use since at the very least the late 19th century and presumably a lot earlier. Early 20th century examples took the resemblance of minor business foreign money of the sort issued by companies throughout China till the mid-1940s. The notes will not be an formally acknowledged foreign money or authorized tender since their sole meant objective is to be supplied as burnt-offerings to the deceased as typically practiced by the Chinese language and a number of other East Asian cultures. The identification of the sort of joss paper as “hell financial institution notes” or “hell cash” and singling them out is basically a western phenomenon, since this stuff are merely considered one more type of joss paper in East Asian cultures and don’t have any particular identify or standing.Joss paper cash notes Chinese language heaven hell cash notes
Dimension 17.2 Inches x 9.eight Inches
1 pack 50 sheets
These hell financial institution notes function a picture of the Jade Emperor, the presiding monarch of heaven in Taoism.
The notes are used to burn for the ‘Hell Gods,’ providing them financial distraction so they are going to depart mortals at peace. They’re additionally generally burned as choices for ancestors and requests for blessings of prosperity and luck.
Worth: $20.90


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