BRUTAL Moments of Birds Eating Other Birds #2 | Pet Spot

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BRUTAL Moments of Birds Eating Other Birds #2 | Pet Spot

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Birds are often seen as cheerful and chirpy, but behind that small, feathery exterior is a wild animal. And since it has natural instincts, it will do anything it can in order to get a meal and survive. That means some birds will resort to some ruthless hunting techniques. Can a bird eat another bird? And what is a hawk capable of? If you loved part one, you’ll love part 2, so stick around because today we are looking at 15 brutal moments of birds against their prey!

Eagles are majestic birds of prey. A bird of prey is a predator bird that will hunt and kill other animals for food. So eagles are definitely not looking for bits of birdseed left in someone’s front yard. Eagles are a part of the family Accipitridae. In the world, there are approximately 60 different species of eagles. Most of these eagles can be found in Eurasia and Africa. Only 14 species can be found in other areas, including North American, Central America, South America, and Australia. While they aren’t a prominent bird in many parts of the world, they are still seen as symbols of power and transcendence. Now with that, let’s go on to the first clip of this video! In this brutal clip, we see an eagle scoping the area for some fresh lunch. Luckily for this bird of prey, there is an entire crowd of seagulls to choose from. Once near them, the seagulls sense the danger of the situation and immediately attempt to flee. The eagle takes the challenge head on and flies towards the flock of seagulls. In the air, the eagle targets a seagull that has been separated from the main flock. The seagull's speed was no match for this hungry eagle and the eagle was then able to quickly swoop in and grab the seagull. It holds the seagull in its talons and flies off, satisfied with its catch and ready to devour it.

Birds are warm-blooded vertebrates. Many smaller birds will eat seeds and fruits, but they aren’t opposed to eating small animals and insects. Smaller birds may find lizards and bugs such as beetles to be quite appetizing. These are usually easy catches, as they can’t put up a fight and can be grabbed and swallowed all in one go. But some of these smaller birds that aren’t classified as birds of prey will go for riskier prey. They may opt to pursue a rodent, such as smaller rats or mice. While these rodents can put up a fight, and may be harder to swallow in a single gulp, they provide many nutrients and keep the birds full for longer. Let’s move on to this next brutal bird clip! The bird in this clip is quite aggressive. A bird of this size would normally settle for some fruits or perhaps a tiny lizard. But this particular bird found something a little bit more appetizing. This bird found a lone rat! The rat is small and weak, and the bird takes advantage of that. It pecks at the tiny rat, who tries to fight back for only a short amount of time before giving up. The bird's vicious pecking clearly injures the rat, who then freezes in fear. With a beak like this, this bird could easily puncture a hole into the rat’s flesh and begin eating it alive, so it is no wonder the rat is so terrified.

Hawks are another type of bird of prey. Unlike the eagle, though, they can be found all around the world. These birds are widely distributed all over, living on every continent except for Antarctica. Hawks are known as diurnal predator birds. That means that these predatory birds are active during the day. There are about 270 species of hawks that fall under the order Falconiformes. Hawks are carnivorous, meaning they will eat meat. They do so by using specialized skills to hunt and kill their prey, often in brutal ways. Many hawks will even begin eating their prey while it is still alive, showing off just how terrifying these birds of prey can be! With that, it is now time to move on to the next clip! The hawk in this clip is hungry, and what better way to satiate its hunger than catching a nice, meaty rat. The hawk catches the rat and immediately gets to work on devouring it. It uses its sharp talons to its advantage and holds the rat down, caging it in its intimidating claws.

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