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Here is the lovely aquarium fish shop. The aquarium fish shop has stocked many aquarium fish varieties. We check out freshwater fish, exotic fish, small fish, giant fish, monster fish. The fish shop owner takes us around their shop showing every fish tank naming the fish varieties available.

We got to watch gold fish, angel fish, parrot fish, guppy fish, barb fish, molly fish, widow fish, dollar fish, gourami fish, platy fish, loach fish, zebra fish, molly fish, koi fish, cichlid fish, oscar fish, tetra fish and arowana fish.

Contact No. :- 8655544545

Address :- Shop No. 4, Krishna Kunj Tower, Rambaug Main Road, Kalyan West.

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The aquarium fish covered
Common gold fish
Marble angel fish
Blue parrot fish
Endler guppy fish
Red guppy fish
Blue guppy fish
Green barb fish
Guppytail molly fish
Tiger widow fish
Silver dollar fish
Pearl gourami fish
Highfin platy fish
Danisoni fish
Kuhli loach fish
Yellow widow fish
Santa swordtail fish
Albino zebra fish
Blue zebra fish
Serpae tetra fish
Red widow fish
Trangeling fish
Golden panchax fish
Sterby corydora fish
Melon barb fish
Common molly fish
Common koi fish
Milky koi fish
Kuboto koi fish
Pearlscale gold fish
Ranchu gold fish
Shubunkin gold fish
Oranda gold fish
Kribensis cichlid fish
Banana cichlid fish
Iceblue cichlid fish
Texas cichlid fish
Black ghost fish
Neon rainbow fish
Diamond tetra fish
Tiger barb fish
Golden ramarosy fish
Albino flowerhorn fish
Black koi fish
White koi fish
Scaleless koi fish
Copper oscar fish
Tiger oscar fish
Albino oscar fish
Mosaic oscar fish
Black oscar fish
Clarias cat fish
Lemon oscar fish
Kodango cichlid fish
Strawberry cichlid fish
Ficolour cichlid fish
Venus cichlid fish
Albino arowana fish
Halfmoon betta fish
Plakat betta fish
Rosy barb fish
Green barb fish
Diamond angel fish
Morph cichlid fish
Ember tetra fish
Cardinal tetra fish
Red rainbow fish
Bosmania rainbow fish
Parkinson rainbow fish
Australian rainbow fish
Pink zebra fish
Veil widow fish
Neon tetra fish
Purple zebra fish
Redeye angel fish
Leopard angel fish
Hockey tetra fish
Red gourami fish
Black neon fish
Parskeye rainbow fish
Pencil tetra fish
Dwarf cray fish
Leopard corydora fish
Glowlight tetra fish
Albino tetra fish
Coral platy fish
Albino widow fish
Rummynose tetra fish
Checker barb fish
Colombicus tetra fish
Yellow zebra fish
Congo tetra fish
Blue ramarosy fish
Red guppy fish
Silver arowana fish
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