Orange Sea Pens With Graceful Decorator Crab | Salish Sea Marine Wild Life

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Seen at Three Tree Point in Burien, WA.

The Salish Sea is home to a small number of coral species. The orange sea pen is a soft coral common on sandy or silty sea floors from Alaska to Mexico, from the intertidal zone to 500 FSW. They can reach a foot in height and are capable of retracting into the ground when threatened. If disturbed at night they can glow softly.

The Salish Sea is home to many species of crab commonly encountered above and below the water -- far too many to list here.

The graceful decorator crab is found in coastal waters from Alaska to central California. It can grow up to 2 inches across. They camouflage themselves by ripping off tiny bits of surrounding plants and attaching them to their body, then moving in a slow, swaying fashion to mimic plants bending with the current. When they find themselves in a new location with different vegetation, they know to re-decorate themselves to match.

Other names:

sea feather
fleshy sea pen
Gurney's sea pen
sea pen
stout sea pen

This channel features underwater nature videos of the creatures living in and around the Salish Sea. The Salish Sea encompasses the inland waters of Washington State and British Columbia, from the Strait of Juan de Fuca, to Puget Sound, to the Strait of Georgia and all points between. I dive in these cold waters every chance I get, and the sea life continues to fascinate me. Come explore the depths with me!


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