TINGGLY.COM is one gift box or e-voucher which lets you choose from hundreds of experiences anywhere in the world. Every single experience is in the Tinggly box for a reason. Tinggly can show you the craziest, scariest, most relaxing and inspiring activities in the world and all you have to do is choose. Everyone who appreciates once-in-a-lifetime experiences more than a new sweater. We have 350+ experiences in more than 80 countries so it is going to be a piece of cake to find one nearby (or somewhere further away)!The most unique gift for anyone you know
Hundreds of experiences to choose from: from diving with sharks, world’s tallest bungee jump to the oldest yoga retreat in India and dinner with a NASA astronaut
Perfect gift for birthdays, weddings, Christmas, anniversaries and other occasions
A beautiful, personalized Tinggly box can be shipped to you within a few days to anywhere in the world
Gift some joy, inspiration and happiness to the ones you love!
Price: $279.00 - $289.00


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