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That's one THORSTY noodle


Q: What type of snake are they?
A: Western Hognose (specific morph is albino)

Q: Are they venomous?
A: Western hognose snakes are only mildly venomous to humans (in MOST cases). Their bites typically only cause localized swelling and discomfort in people, but can help paralyze their prey in the wild, such as toads.

Q: Why do they open their mouth?
A: They open their mouths repeatedly at the end of a meal because they’re swallowing and adjusting their jaws.

Q: Do they bite?
A: Well... she didn’t get the name “Fingers” from cuddling my fingers, let’s just say that! They don't bite all of the time, but when they're a little hangry, that’s when a snake hook comes in handy, because biting is usually the result of a feeding response.

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