Cockatiel egg laying problems,Cockatiel Breeding Basics,Cockatiels are easy birds to breed

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***Cockatiel Breeding Basics - The Spruce Pets

Cockatiels are part of the cockatoo family and are known for their warm and outgoing personalities -- and their whistling -- especially the male cockatiels. All these attributes make these birds a favorite American pet. The feathers on top of the bird's head are a sure-fire indicator of its mood. Cockatiels are small birds of gray, white, and yellow, with the female bird's coloring more subdued. They can live to be 20 years old.

How many times a year do cockatiels lay eggs?

How often do cockatiels lay eggs?

Cockatiels lay 1-2 clutches of eggs per year. Cockatiels lay about one egg every 48 hours until they have a full clutch. Each clutch will have an average of 2-8 eggs.
Cockatiel egg laying problems, Cockatiel Breeding Basics, Cockatiels are easy birds to breed

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