Red Sea 425xl G2 New Soft Coral Display at AAC !

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Early days, just a few months into a journey back in time for me with this latest @Redseafish Red Sea Reefer 425 XL project. Still very much planting , pruning and shaping, but it’s coming on lovely.

Soft corals are often misunderstood and unfairly underrated I find, lost in a world of stony coral psychedelic madness .
But they offer beauty, and true long term sustainability in the hobby.

Many soft corals are also very affordable and undemanding, providing their basic needs are met, ideal of considering lowering your reefing running costs and just want something simple . Just provide some nutrients/food , apply some basic chemistry, which usually simply means to a water change , but strong lighting, lit well towards a metal warm white halide type spectrum (10-14k) is preferred .
This was easy using the full capabilities of the Red Sea Led 90s ???? .
This is where this sort of point source LED light ‘shines’ with its natural glitter lines, just like the sun dappling.

This ideal light spectrum makes soft corals look fab, as that’s what they are used too ! No ‘Smurf’ led blue here !
Oh one more thing , water flow - lots of it ! You can never have enough ! What’s good for SPS corals is good for Soft corals i say . Red Sea Reefwave 45s are ideal, but I also added a Tunze Wavebox , 2 Ai Nero 5 , and the Red Sea Reef-Run return pump, to keep the water moving in this aquarium.

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Paul AAC
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