Reef Tank Crash + Update for 2023

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My tank crashed last year around summer time and now it's slowly rebounding. This video points out some key issues to look out for when changing fishes. During the crash, I lost a few of my larger colonies of SPS. It was sad to see but there was nothing I could do. They started to RTN/STN. It took about 2 weeks to a month before the RTN/STN showed sign of slowness. Today the corals are doing better but with the change in nutrients, the corals are adjusting and taking a longer time to grow.

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Here's are some equipments that I use for my own setup that has worked well for me.

**Tanks Lights
Main Lights: Orpheks
Supplemental: OR2 Light Bars
Frag Tank Light:
Refugium Light:

*Tank Equipment
Skimmer: Nyos 220
Flow: Maxspect XF350
Return Pump:
UV: Aqua UV 57 watt
Controller: Neptune Apex
Salt: Reef Crystals
Fish Feeder: Eheim
Feeder Ring: Two Little Fishies
Algae Holder: Two Little Fishies
Algae: Two Little Fishies

** Camera Gear **

Sony A6600 Camera:
Samsung S9+
Canon Powershot

Sigma 16mm 1.4F
Canon 100mm Macro Lens:
Canon to Sony Lens Adapter:

Rode VideoMicro:

Heavy Duty Stand:
WeeBill S Gimbal:

LED Lights on computer setup:
Light Soft Box on computer setup:
Light Stand
Softbox for large area:
Godox Backup Light:
Godox Main Light:


Camlink for 4k Video input:
#NyosFishTrap #FishTrap #RedSeaReefer625XXL #ReefTank
Red Sea reefer, reef tank crash, toby puffer

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