5 GREAT Pet Reptiles You've Never Heard Of

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Some of the best pet reptiles you may be surprised about. In fact, I bet you've never heard of these 5 amazing pet snakes and lizards and even a rare turtle!

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Rare reptiles are well, rare. But some reptiles are so rare that I bet you have never heard of them. So these reptiles must make bad pets right? Well some unknown reptiles are actually amazing pets! If you are looking for a pet snake or pet lizard or pet turtle that none of your friends will have and will for sure be an aw inspiring sight in your home, look no further than these 5 amazing and barely talked about reptile pets! Black Breasted Leaf Turtles are absolutely adorable! These tiny mostly terrestrial turtles have amazing colour and pattern and their cute little face matched with buggy eyes and small shell size makes them one of the cutest reptiles you could ever own! These are some of the smallest turtles in the world! Oriental Racer Lizards or often called Asian Grass Lizards are the Takydromus genus and an absolute amazing group of arboreal lizards in the Lacerta family. These are basically tiny tree tegus, so smart and bold and so much fun to watch alone or in small groups in vivarium or terrariums. Viper Boas are tiny little boas that get their name from the finny head shape that looks similar to the death adder from the same range. Often with a bit of attitude and apt to bite but amazing color and shape. Viper boas are wildly underrated snakes! Chameleon geckos are so cute and another great arboreal lizard species that can be housed together and make great lizards to watch and even a decent handling lizard. The cats meow of iridescent snakes has to be the Sunbeam Snake! These medium sized snakes are going to dig mostly and hide under substrate but if you bring them into the sun the color and shine of these scales will blow your mind. Rare reptiles are amazing and I bet you've never heard of these reptile pets!

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