New Monster And Rare Planted Aquarium Fish Stock At Austin Aquatic Aquarium Store

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In this video i am going to share with you new monster and rare aquarium fish stock of austin aquatic aquarium store


Store details:- 
Austin Aquatic
Shop No.01, Vanmali sadan, Mahatma phule nagar, Next to smita lab, opp.Bharat petroleum, Manickpur naka, Vasai (west)
Whatsapp:- 9049318283
Calling:- 9588662515

Time stamp for this video
Owner conversation about stock 00:04
Angelfish 01:31
Corydoras 03:55
Betta 05:35
Loach fish 08:44
Tetra fish 10:53
Shrimps 12:42
Imported oscar fish 15:37
Bichir fish 18:28
Albino pacu piranha 20:08
Flowerhorn 22:36

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Below aquarium fish i covered from austin aquatic aquarium store
Red devil angelfish
Red eye platinum angelfish
Blue angelfish
Golden head angelfish
Bulgarian seal point angelfish
Jet black angelfish
Jet black corydoras
Similli corydoras
Julli corydoras
Yellow parrot fish
Red parrot fish
Red tail catfish
Rainbow shark
Albino red tail shark
Cardinal tetra
Neon tetra
Rummynose tetra
Hegeli rasbora
Harlequin rasbora
Otocinclus catfish
Color widow
Flowerhorn AA+
Candy plakat betta
Plakat betta
Surinamise geophagus
Frontosa cichlid
Neon rainbow
Boismani rainbow
Neon blue gourami
Dwarf gourami
Pearl gourami
Peru golden strip corydoras
Sterbai coeydoras
Parkinson rainbow
Red flamingo guppy
Horse face loach
Clown loach
Giant kuhli loach
Kuhli loach
Jet black loach
Gardneri killifish
Kribensis cichlid
Denesoni barb
Hockystik tetra
Golden neon tetra
Red shrimp
Yellow shrimp
Black shrimp
Blue shrimp
Bristlenose pleco
Cherry barb
Bichir fish
Albino pacu piranha
Albino tiger oscar
Red fire oscar
Tiger oscar
copper oscar
Alligator gar
Ballon golden ram cichlid
Balloon electric ram cichlid
Red flagtail fish
Spider calberry peacock bass
Calberry peacock bass
White polar parrot
Blue polar parrot
Butterfly peacock bass
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