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Fish Tank in which there are fish, one frog and snails.
There is no sound in this stream.
Max resolution is 1080P (60 FPS)

Stats on tank:
25 Gallon (30 gallons including water in filters)
Three filters installed inline: one Fluval 404 and two Fluval 406
CO2 injection system (pH controller to solenoid on CO2 tank)
Fluval Plant 3.0 LED light (Set to about 25% brightness so tank can remain illuminated longer each day)
300 watts of heaters on controller
Basic Tetra air pump
Backup air pump in case of power failure
1000 VA UPS for light and main air pump
Logitech Brio webcam
Portable air conditioner to keep room & water temperature below 80f (27c)

Seachem brand chemicals used for all water conditioning and plant fertilization
All food is New Life Spectrum Brand
Serpae, similis, corydoras

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