Top 5 Venomous Snakes That Make GREAT Pets!

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Some venomous snake species make great pets! These 5 snake species pack a little punch but of course are mostly harmless to humans. Let's go over some hot snakes that might make a great pet for you! Wanna know which snakes bites suck the most? Check this video out!

Yes, I am aware I showed a Green Mamba when talking about a boomslang, my bad.

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Venomous snakes usually do not make great pets but some venomous snake species actually make amazing pets! Venomous snakes include Rear Fanged Venomous snakes in the group and the majority of RFV snakes are mostly harmless to humans. Now Boomslangs and some other species are exceptions to this rule but usually these are harmless snakes to humans. When a venomous snake bites you on this list the damage will be mild or none at all. For example, Western Hognose snakes are some of the most popular snakes in the world to keep in captivity and these tiny colubrids to have small fangs at the back of their mouth but the venom is mild and has a poor delivery method. Eastern Hognose Snakes, Tricolour hognose and even some of the giants also fit here and make great pets for some reptile keepers. Garter snakes also have a very mild venom that is delivered by rear fangs. These toad and amphibian eaters sure do come in a lot of colours and patterns and species. North American snakes can make amazing options. False Water Cobras are not really cobras at all. Their venom is weak and to humans mostly totally safe. A bite from this venomous snake may give you some swelling but your life is not in danger. Of course I would never suggest anyone keep a gaboon viper or king cobra or rattlesnake as a pet! Venomous colubrids like the Asian Vine Snake might be a bit nippy and eager to give you a snake bite but these tiny serpents wont hurt you although they may hilariously try. Of course Mangrove Snakes are the largest species in the cat snake family and they can pack a bigger bite but just with the rest of these reptiles, they will offer some discomfort maybe but nothing life threatening.


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