Humblefish & Friends - Tampa Bay Saltwater

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In this episode, I will be chatting with the owners of Tampa Bay Saltwater. Their company provides sustainably harvested, ocean aquacultured live rock and hand harvested live sand to marine enthusiasts. These natural ingredients are the building blocks for stable marine ecosystems.

Topics for discussion:
How did you become live rock farmers?
-ocean related experiences before TBS (free-diving, sailing, boating, shark tagging, marine labs)
-meeting the founder of TBS
-learning curve
-associated job dangers

What happens on harvest day?
-who does what
-how do you communicate
-what does "Rock on" really mean
-what is the Icehouse

What are conditions like at the farm?
-friendly fish
-unfriendly fish
-what's growing on new planted rock

What makes TBS Rock special?
What is your favorite hitchhiker?

What is the TBS Package?
-why the 2-phase shipping for the Package

Why doesn't TBS rock carry fish diseases?

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