November 2021 Reef Tank & Live Rock Update

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What's going on in ReefMan's reef these days? Not too much! The tank has recovered from the copper induced tank crash, and it's time to figure out how we'll be rebuilding. There are a lot of options, I could downsize to a smaller tank - but that would entail getting rid of some of my prized fish like my Achilles Tang - or perhaps I could convert from a reef tank proper to a coral spawning tank. More than likely we'll keep the same tank though, it just needs some tender loving care and some repairs to be back in tip top shape.

My coral has basically recovered, at least the colonies that didn't die. Most of my Montipora survived, while all but one Acropora died. My Favia and Chalices are also fine, and didn't seem to be effected by the copper at all.

I might try running some tests with frags, though I'm not sure exactly what I'd want to test yet. Maybe the effect of direct feeding vs not feeding and just letting the tank's water carry food over would be an interesting thing to test.

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