The villagers are eager to save the elephant stuck in the mud Elephant soul

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Our YouTube channel shows visitors around the world about Sri Lankan elephant behavior patterns and we work to protect Sri Lanka's elephant resources. You who watch our channel also give us your thoughts. Thank you so much
Join us the Asian Elephant, also known as the Asiatic Elephant, is one of the three living species of elephants. This species lives in various parts of southern Asia. Researchers recognize three different subspecies, the Indian Elephant, the Sumatran Elephant, and the Sri Lankan Elephant. Read on to learn about the Asian Elephant and excavation of the division.Elephants are not only the largest land mammals on Earth. They are also among the most endearing: an irresistible mix of intelligence, dexterity and shear power. The best time to visit Kaudulla National Park is between August and December, with the population of elephants peaking to over 200 in September to October,following the period of the famous elephant gathering at Minneriya National Park. However, the Elephants could be seen in either one of these parks during any time of the year.Our YouTube channel shows visitors around the world about Sri Lanka
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