What’s Inside my Saltwater Aquarium?

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We are taking a closer look at the diversity of marine life inside a saltwater aquarium. Inside every reef tank hundreds of small organisms live together and some remain unnoticed at first glance.

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???? 40 Gallon Shallow Reef Tank
Reef Tank Setup: Optic White Rimless Aquarium by ILA
Reef Tank Filtration System: None - No Sump - No Skimmer
Reef Tank Lighting: Red Sea Reef LED 90
Reef Tank Maintenance: Once a week

About Danny’s Aquariums
Focusing on coral reef tanks, my YouTube channel provides knowledge to further your own knowledge and confidence, taking you from just keeping fish to bringing the ocean to your home by creating a thriving artificial ecosystem in your aquarium. Consider subscribing to my channel to learn more about keeping aquatic animals and check out my weekly videos.

⏰ Video Chapters
0:00 - Intro
0:20 - Feeding Candy Cane Coral
0:50 - Dinoflagellates in Reef Tank
1:43 - Petting Clownfish in Saltwater Aquarium
2:03 - Cleaner Shrimp Manicure
2:32 - Red Sea Urchins
3:35 - Devil’s Hand Leather Coral
4:11 - Pulsing Xenia in Reef Aquarium
4:28 - Can You Spot The Royal Gramma?
4:38 - Feeding Aquaforest Life Mysis
5:03 - Vermetid Snails in Reef Tank
5:20 - Peacock-tail Anemone Shrimp

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