Wild Foxes of Pakistan | Red Fox, Bengal Fox, Ruppell's Fox, Blandford's Fox | Wildlife of Pakistan

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Vulpes is a genus of the sub-family Caninae. The members of this genus are colloquially referred to as true foxes. The word "fox" occurs in the common names of species. True foxes are distinguished from members of the genus Canis, such as domesticated dogs, wolves, jackals and coyotes, by their smaller size (5–11 kg), longer, bushier tail, and flatter skull. They have black, triangular markings between their eyes and nose, and the tip of their tail is often a different color from the rest of their pelt. The typical lifespan for this genus is between two and four years, but can reach up to a decade.

There are 4 species of true foxes found in Pakistan

1. Red Fox - Vulpes vulpes
including subspecies:
a. Kashmir Hill Fox - Vulpes vulpes griffithii
b. Tibetan Red Fox - Vulpes vulpes montana
c. White-footed Fox - Vulpes vulpes pusilla
2. Bengal Fox - Vulpes bengalensis
3. Ruppell's Fox or Ruppell's Sand Fox - Vulpes rueppellii
4. Blandford's Fox or King Fox - Vulpes cana

A documentary about Mammals of Pakistan presented by Nisar Ahmad TV

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