Cute animals that make sounds to music : Cow, Bull, Dog, Cat, Lion, Tiger, Animal sounds

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Cute animals that make sounds to music : Cow, Bull, Dog, Cat, Lion, Tiger, Animal sounds #animaluniverser #animal #animals #4kvideo

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Animals (lat. Animalia or Metazoa) are a kingdom of mostly multicellular eukaryotic (nuclear) organisms, one of the most important features of which is heterotrophy (that is, the consumption of ready-made organic substances) and the ability to actively move. The animal kingdom does not include plants and fungi, which are also large (but not the only) kingdoms of eukaryotes. However, there are many animals that lead a sedentary lifestyle, and heterotrophy is also characteristic of fungi and some parasitic plants. Animal cells (like other eukaryotes) contain a formed nucleus.

In everyday life, the word "animals" often means only four-legged terrestrial vertebrates (mammals, reptiles and amphibians). In science, the term "animals" (Animalia) has a wider meaning (see above). Therefore, it is said that animals, in addition to mammals, include many other organisms: fish, birds, insects, arachnids, molluscs, starfish, worms, etc. Man also belongs to the animal kingdom, but is traditionally considered separately - even professional biologists use the phrases "animal and man" or "animals, including man."

At the same time, many heterotrophic protozoa were previously attributed to this kingdom and animals were divided into subkingdoms: unicellular Protozoa and multicellular Metazoa. Now the name "animal" in the taxonomic sense has been fixed for multicellular. In this sense, animals as a taxon have more specific features — they are characterized by oogamy, a multi-tissue structure, the presence of at least two embryonic leaves, blastula and gastrula stages in embryonic development. The vast majority of animals have muscles and nerves (with the exception of sponges, lamellae, mesozoans, and cnidosporidia, which may have lost them).

At the same time, in science, the term "animals" is sometimes proposed to be used in an even broader sense, meaning by animals not a taxon, but a type of organization - a life form based on mobility, heterotrophy and holozoic nutrition.
Cute animals that make sounds to music : Cow, Bull, Dog

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