3 POPULAR Aquarium Lights for Beautiful Tanks | Ver 2 #shorts

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Check out three different types of aquarium lights I've used on my tanks. I've used on these lights on my African cichlid tank, my big South American cichlid tank as well as my small apistogramma tank. All are good. All are expensive. Which one is your favorite? I know mine.

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My aquarium equipment:

BREEDER BOX: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07THHY7YP?ref=nb_sb_ss_w_as-reorder-t1_ypp_rep_k0_1_11&=&crid=1W12WSTO2LTOX&sprefix=breeder%2Bbox&th=1

FILTERS: Fluval Fx6 https://a.co/d/aXJEx95, Fx4 https://a.co/d/e0V8DEx, and 407 https://a.co/d/5xAvD0S
WAVEMAKERS: Uniclife Aquarium 1058 GPH Adjustable Wave Maker https://a.co/d/22lHK38, Uniclife 3400 GPH Controllable Wavemaker with W-40 Controller https://a.co/d/8lMLgC7
HEATERS: EHEIM Jager Aquarium Thermostat Heater 300W https://a.co/d/boZEKaJ
TEMP CONTROLLERS: Inkbird ITC308S Temperature Controller for Aquarium https://a.co/d/4r1rZWo, Inkbird Heating Thermostat Aquarium Reptile Submersible Probe Sensor ITC306T
WATER CHANGES: SICCE Ultra Zero 793 GPH – Water Pump https://a.co/d/aJGsjAl, 50ft x 1" ID Clear Vinyl Tubing, Flexible Hybrid PVC Tubing Hose
LIGHTS: Fluval Sea Marine 3.0 https://a.co/d/i1sbwy9
FOODS: Northfin Jumbo Formula https://a.co/d/cPy1Kq8, Northfin Fish Food 3 mm Sinking Pellets, 500 g , Cichlid Formula https://a.co/d/4dAHkvb , Northfin Veggie Formula 3mm https://a.co/d/5rGGIyi, Frozen krill, Garlic Guard https://a.co/d/dJpwWIA, VitaChem https://a.co/d/9kdjnrs
LUBE FOR FILTER GASKETS: Super Lube 93003 O-Ring Silicone Grease, Translucent White https://a.co/d/dwKwCR9
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