Troubleshooting High Nitrates, Phosphates & Pale Corals In The 300 Gallon Reef

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In this video, i go through the troubleshooting process of finding the source of excess nitrates and phosphates in my 300-gallon reef tank. I test nitrates and phosphates on a weekly basis using Hanna checkers. A few days ago i noticed my levels had doubled. Along with that i noticed my Alkalinity consumption slowed and the corals turned pale all indicating something is definitely wrong with my reef tank.
I started looking at detritus build-up within the main display along with the 50-gallon lowboys and sump. Nothing looked out of the ordinary even with missing a couple water changes. I decided to stop feeding as much b/c i just made a new batch of food and figured it was from the unthawed shrimp. After a few days passed the nutrients continued to rise so i started to dig within the refugium and discovered one of my large Mexican turbo snails had died and started to rot. After removing the snail i performed my first 30-gallon water change using this opportunity to remove detritus from the main display, sump and refugium. I will be doing another 30-gallon water change within 48 hours to remove the rest of the detritus from the lowboys and refugium. This 60-gallons worth of water should help bring the nutrients down along with removing toxins from the dead snail.

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