One of The Most Beautiful Reef Aquariums I've Ever Seen

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We take a look a beautiful 350 gallon reef aquarium setup with some of the most beautiful corals and saltwater fish in the reef keeping hobby.

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Dimensions - 60in x 36in x 29in

Equipment used - Lighting: ATI T5 hybrid fixture with LED
Sump: Custom 80gal with refugium
Return pump: Reeflo
Wavemaker: Sea Swirl Oscillating Water Return, Icacap Gyre 4k, Skimz, Koralia
Skimmer - Royal Xclusive
Other filtration: Socks and Filter pads
Controller: Neptune Systems APex and Trident
ATO: Neptune Systems ATK
Dosing: Neptune Systems DOS
Other equipment: Dual Reactor (GFO/Carbon)

How long it has been set up for - 21 months

Water volume - 270gal display with 80gal sump

What’s your favorite coral/fish - Favorite Coral: SPS
Favorite fish: Tangs

Tips: Making sure that the water chemistry is stable. With that said, testing your water including sending ICP water sample help a lot! Lots of patience, time, and hard work. Do not wait until the issue gets bigger. Avoid chemicals as much as possible when trying to fix any issue. Dip your corals! Quarantine your fish! And a lot more…

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