Saltwater Aquarium Maintenance

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#saltwaterfishkeeping is really no harder than maintaining an aquarium of freshwater fish, but there are some things to which you have to pay closer attention. Salinity — the balance of synthetic sea salt to water – and temperature are critical to keeping a tank healthy.

This short video explains in more detail how to maintain a saltwater aquarium. None of it is difficult, but it does require you to pay attention and be diligent about checking salinity and adding freshwater as needed, keeping a close eye on the water temperature regularly (it should stay within a degree of your chosen temperature), inspecting the filter, and changing the water temperature as often as recommended.

Aquarium maintenance professionals set up, stock, and service both saltwater and freshwater aquariums in private residences and office settings. They are also needed at any type of facility that houses aquatic life, such as aquarium theme parks, zoos, fish and wildlife preserves, fish or pet stores, and fish hatcheries. Companies that design and stock landscape ponds also employ aquarists.

You can learn to be an aquarium maintenance specialist online. Animal Behavior College has a 10-month certification program that teaches you the basics of aquarium setup, freshwater and saltwater aquariums, pond basics, species sourcing, equipment maintenance, and commercial aquariums.

Aquarium maintenance is a great career if you’re looking to go into business for yourself. The business building section of the ABC aquarium is designed to help you do just that.

ABC students get a solid education and graduate from the program ready to work in their new career. If fish are your passion, explore a career that allows you to turn that passion into a profession!

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