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In this episode Hillstream aquarium has been infested by pest snails and I added five Amano shrimps to battle the green algae and eat decaying plant matter. By looking closely at the pest snails it seems that these two snails are bladder snails. I had experience with bladder snails in the past. Once they start breeding they can get out of control. Most important is not to overfeed aquarium and keep aquarium clear of algae. This way they have limited food source and they can't reproduce in great numbers. The only way they could get in is with the plants on Day 1. All of the plants were "pest free" and sealed. All but few Vallisneria which were delivered to me wrapped in wet newspaper from a different shop. That should have been a sign that these plants were from another aquarium. At the end of the video I teased "solution" to pest snails that I will introduce in the next episode.

00:00 Intro
00:24 Recap EP1-EP3
00:58 Day 16 Hillstream Aquarium
01:18 Green algae is spreading
02:03 Adding five Amano shrimps
03:39 Day 17 Hillstream aquarium
04:10 Vallisneria daughter plant
04:38 Day 18 Hillstream aquarium
04:51 Amano shrimps working non-stop
05:44 First pest snail
06:06 Bladder snail
06:17 Day 20 Hillstream aquarium
06:43 Cleaning algae from the sand
07:05 Cleaning algae from the wood
07:41 Second bladder snail
07:57 Removing Nerite snails from aquarium
08:10 Pest snail solution

Aquarium - 120cmx45cmx30cm (47inx18inx12in)
Optiwhite glass 10mm | Tank Volume 162LTR | 43GAL
Filter - External with pre-filter basket (1000L/H | 264GAL/H)
Light - LED Power: 53W | Luminous flux 4800lm
Stream pump - (2000L/H | 528GAL/H)
CO2 - NO
Heater - NO
Plants - Bucephalandra wavy green, Anubias barteri nana, Anubias barteri coffeefolia, Cryptocoryne wendtii green, Microsorum pteropus, Vallisneria spiralis

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Music - Epidemic Sound:
Madison York / In Pieces / courtesy of
Johannes Bornlöf / The Rose And The Thorn / courtesy of
aquarium pest snails, pest snails in aquarium, bladder snails in aquarium

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