New Rare Fish In The Fish Room.

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After 6 months of searching I finally found the super rare fish that I so badly wanted in the fish room and the 650 litre freshwater aquarium.

This was the only fish I wanted in that fish tank and after 6 months looking I was on the doorstep of giving up and then comes along Sean from @The Trop Co to save the day and finally find the fish from a breeder in Indonesia.

The fish itself has finished of the aquarium and given the look I was looking for and is not only one of the rarest and hardest fish to find but one of the most entertaining to watch!

They are the latest addition to the fish room (AKA TANK Room) and wow am I buzzing to have them here!

I do want to find out of there are anymore in the country so leave me a comment and go tag me in a fish pic on Instagram if you have 1 one some :)

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