American Wildlife | Mammals | Insects | Reptiles | Invertebrates | Amphibians | Birds |Vertebrates

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American Wildlife | Mammals | Insects | Reptiles | Invertebrates | Amphibians | Birds | Vertebrates | Fish | Arthropods.

Caribou (Rangifer tarandus);
Pronghorn (Antilocapra americana);
Bighorn Sheep (Ovis canadensis);
Brown Bear (Ursus arctos);
Elk (Cervus canadensis);
Mule Deer (Odocoileus hemionus);
White-tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus);
Lynx (Lynx lynx);
Mountain Lion (Puma concolor);
Desert Kit Fox (Vulpes macrotis arsipus); Coyote (Canis latrans);
Beaver (Castor canadensis);
Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes);
Eastern Cottontail (Sylvilagus floridanus); Black-tailed Prairie Dog (cynomys ludovicianus);
Eastern Gray Squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis);
Fox Squirrel (Sciurus niger);
American Bullfrog (Rama catesbeiana); Brown Water Snake (Nerodia taxispilota); Eastern Mud Turtle (Kinosternon subrubrum);
Yellow Mud Turtle (Kinosternon flavescens)
Common Musk Turtle (Sternotherus odoratus);
Eastern Box Turtle (Terrapene carolina carolina);
Diamondback Terrapin (Malaclemys terrapin);
Greater Earless Lizard (Cophosaurus texanus);
Black Rat Snake (Elaphe obsoleta):
Eastern Massasagua Rattlesnake;
American Bullfrog (Rama catesbeiana); Halictid Bee (Agapostemon virescens); Texas Carpenter Ants (Camponotus festinatus);
Painted Lady (Vanessa cardui);
Common Sulphur (Colias philodice); Katydids;
Monarch (Danaus plexippus);
Plains Lubber Grasshopper (Brachystola magna);
Whirligig Beetle (Gyrinus spp.);
Zebra Swallowtail (Eurytides Marcellus); Mayflies (Ephemera spp.).

Location: United States

HD B-Roll Stock Footage. Produced by the National Conservation Training Center (NCTC) videographers.

Credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service National Conservation Training Center, Creative Imagery
USFWS National Digital Library
NCTC Image Library
Producers: USFWS/NCTC

Animals are classified into major groups: (mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, arthropods, vertebrates, invertebrates, those having live births and those which lay eggs) according to their physical characteristics and behaviors.

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