Exotic And Monster Aquarium Fish Stock At Pari Aquarium

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In this video I am going to share with you exotic and monster aquarium fish stock of pari aquarium

Pari aquarium is one of the most popular aquarium shop in mumbai kurla fish market

If you want to visit and place an order of any aquarium fish so feel free to contact
Arif - 9136596465

Contact channel prathmeshaquatics@gmail.com

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Time stamp for this video
Video intro 00:00 to 01:15
Betta fish section 01:17
Discus fish 01:53
Super red oscar 02:30
Silver arowana 02:40
Parrot fish 02:49
Electric blue ram 03:03
Mono angelfish 03:19
Flowerhorn 03:39
Boesmani rainbow, Neon rainbow, Color widow tetra and swordtail fish 03:46
Trangelin swordtail, Denesoni barb, Albino angelfish and Silver shark 04:38
Cichlid fish 05:21
Molly fish 05:30
Goldfish and koi fish 06:02
Silver dollar and oscar 06:23
silver dorado and tin foil barb 07:09
Giant gourami, Rocktail severum and Red tail catfish 07:28
Zebra danio 07:38
Gourami and Sucker fish 07:53
Ending part of video 08:10
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