The Perfect Fish Store DOES EXIST..

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During our Vitalis tour, we stopped by South Manchester at Urmston Aquatics. This place looks small on the outside but it is stacked with Freshwater, Saltwater and Reptiles! The perfect one stop fish store does exist and better yet, they feed Vitalis. Let's follow Shawn and Evie as they take a tour through this amazing store.

18- 20 The Cir, Barton Rd, Stretford, Manchester M32 9TR, United Kingdom

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Fritz Aquatics products are used by zoos, public aquarium exhibits, aquaculture professionals and home aquarium hobbyists. Our aquarium products have been trusted by hobbyists and professionals for over 30 years.

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Our History
Fritz Aquatics is a specialty brand of aquarium products manufactured by Fritz Industries, which was founded in 1956 by C. Fredrick “Fritz” Weisend. In the early years, Fritz Industries emerged as a research leader in the development of products based on applied chemistry and unique manufacturing processes, leading to the establishment of the pet products division.

The Fritz Pet Products Division began in the early 1970s with the manufacturing of all-glass aquariums and processing aquarium gravel. Today, the specialty division manufactures hundreds of pet products with an emphasis on the aquatics market, developing innovative products such as FritzZyme 7 & 9, TurboStart and FritzGuard. The Fritz Aquatics line is marketed to major distributors and pet retailers throughout the U.S. and internationally.

Fritz Aquatics also manufactures products for large aquatic facilities, zoos and the largest public aquariums in the world. In 2014, Fritz Aquatics secured an exclusive royalty agreement with Sergeant’s Pet Care Products, Inc. for their Mardel and Aquarium Product lines.

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