The most UNIQUE aquarium store I've ever seen!

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In this video @DanTheGuppyMan and I tour the Floating Sea Aquatics aquarium store in Jacksonville, Florida! We check out some of the aquarium fish varieties (freshwater and saltwater), display tanks, aquascapes, ponds, and reptiles! (including turtles!!) :D

0:12 - Florida Springs (catching a turtle!)
0:51 - About Floating Sea Aquatics
1:25 - The Ponds and Cafe in the Store
2:48 - A GIANT eel!
3:26 - Freshwater Pond
3:57 - Saltwater Pond
5:28 - Display Tanks and Aquascapes
6:07 - Macroalgae Display Tank
6:48 - Lake Malawi African Cichlids
7:23 - Checking out some of the Reptiles
8:13 - A Beautiful Planted Tank
8:51 - Aquascaping Supplies
9:28 - Aquarium Stocking for Tanks

What did you think of the store?!
I absolutely loved it! I kind of want to move to Florida now
A big thank you to @DanTheGuppyMan for showing me around

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Happy fish and turtle keeping!
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