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100 gallon, re-sealed freshwater community tank with an assortment of fish. Including Loaches, Tetras of various types, Bettas, Raphael catfish, Corydoras, Guppies, Mollies, River Chubs, Minnows, Angelfish, an Axoltl, and tons of Guppy Fry! 20 gallon breeder tank has guppy fry! Both indoor ponds have only guppies in them as well! Live plants! Anubias barteri, Horn wort, Anubias petite, Bamboo, Ludwigia, Ivy or Pothos, Java moss, various types of Amazon sword. Come join the journey from a silicone failure claiming half my fish, to building my own fish store! Please like and subscribe for more fish content! Iv'e got ASMR videos, narrative videos, diy videos, and tons of shorts! Leave a comment on what you want to see! Thank You! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!

API Tap Water Conditioner is the most common chemical I use.
Other chemicals in the cabinet include Aqueon Algae Remover, Aqueon Water Clarifier, API Algaefix, API Stress Zyme.

Breeder net box is the 6.75x5.63 inch from Imagitarium.

Filters include the Penguin 350 Biowheel From Marineland. Aqueon QuietFlow 40 Internal Power Filter. Fluval 20. 2 inch and Large Sponge Filters from Amazon. Powered by Aqua Culture Dual Output Air pump. Whisper 10-30, and whisper 20 Air pumps. 20 W 110 V Aquarium Air Pump from Yivosun.

Lighting ranges from a 100 W Led Bulb to A Mars Hydro Model NO TS-600 110-130V 50/60Hz LED Light. But include a National Geographic LED HOOD model NO LED30A and a 48 Inch Deluxe Fluorescent Aquarium Reflector 120V 40W 60Hz.

Ponds are made from 20 Gallon and 30 Gallon Muck buckets and totes from Walmart. 3/4 in and 1 in PVC with Twist connectors.

AirLine tubing is Aqua Culture Standard Airline Tubing 7.62m and Deep Jungle Professional Grade silicone tubing 7.62m.

Timers used are BND-60/U78 125v-60Hz Max. 1875W.

Heaters used are HiTop HP-608 100W Aquarium Heater.

Food Used is TetraMix Tropical Flakes.

Filmed using a Umidigi S5 pro, Umidigi A13 Pro Max. A Playstation 4 Controler. Using a Custom altered Halogen light stand and cheap mini-tripod from Walmart.

ASMR content filmed using the mic from a knock off Turtle Beach Headset from Amazon.
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