This Is Why Orcas Are Called Killer Whales. Interesting Facts About Killer Whales.

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This Is Why Orcas Are Called Killer Whales. Interesting Facts About Killer Whales.

Orcas are mammals of the dolphin family of the toothed whales. The orca genus consists of only one species. The animals have a black and white coloration, due to which these species cannot be mistaken for other representatives of the cetacean family.

Orca lives in almost all oceans from the Arctic to the Antarctic. In the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, orcas can be found everywhere from Spitsbergen to the Antarctic. They often swim in the Mediterranean Sea. In the waters of the Indian Ocean, killer whales live as far away as Australia. In the summer, they swim even beyond the Arctic Circle in the Antarctic waters. In the Arctic, seas are distributed intermittently.

Orcas live in flocks. One flock may consist of 3 to 100 individuals. Large groups most often consist of several families connected by distant kinship ties. Each family consists of a female and her cubs of different ages and already adult sons.

These families have very warm relationships. Young and healthy individuals always take care of the sick and old members of their families. The family communicates with each other with different sounds common to all orcas or only to their family. If there is any disagreement between family members, they express their displeasure by slapping their tails on the water. They also hunt together. Orcas eat various mammals and fish.
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