STYLISH 345 Gallon SPS Dominated Reef Aquarium ????????

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We take a look at a beautiful sps dominated reef aquarium. This 345 gallon reef tank setup features beautiful sps coral colonies and saltwater fish.

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ℹ️ Information by the reef tank owner:

My philosophy when it comes to reef tanks is to not mess with them all that much. Build a well thought out system and let nature take its course. Never do anything “just because” but always have a genuine reason for changes. I focus on a few keep factors and don’t worry about the rest. Keep it simple!

I also like more challenging fish. Formulating a plan on how to manage the different requirements is for something that is considered “difficult” and putting that in to action is highly rewarding to me.

My current tank is a custom DT 200x80x65cm and 450L sump with an overall system volume of about 1300L (or 1500L if you use the methodology of tank manufacturers) It’s been up and running for about 3 months at this point.

Parameters I aim for:
KH: 7,5
Ca: 400
No3: 5-10
Po4: 0.04

In truth, I’m fairly lazy and I mostly just test KH once a week and the rest when I remember to do it which isn’t that frequently…

Regal angel
Achilles tang
Goldflake angel
Majestic angel
Copperband butterfly
Disbar anthias
Lyretail anthias
Black caped basslet
Diamond goby
Six line wrasse
2x clownfish
Bangai cardinal
Purple tang

The sump doesn’t look as nice now since I’m waiting for a electrician to run some new outlets so I can make it all nice and neat.

Equipment in use is as followed:

Lighting - Giesemann Aurora V8 1500 Pro 1100w
Skimmer: Bubble king supermarin 250 RD3-speedy
Control: GHL profilux 4
Doser: GHL 2.1
Flow: 2x octo pulse 4’s, 2x maxspect gyres 250, tunze wavebox 6214
Kalkwasser: Deltec KM500 reactor feed by a Grotech SP4800 using Grotech kalkwasser

Misc: Sander 200mg/h ozone reactor, TMC pro pond 110w UV, aquaforest media reactors, Eheim auto feeder, cheapo grow light over the refugium.

Dosing and bacteria supplementation: All aquaforest (components 1,2,3, biofil, power elixir, life source, Liquid mysis/artemia, build, nutrition etc).

Salt: Aquaforest reef salt

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