LIVE Cat TV for Cats to Watch ???? Birds & Squirrels All Day ????️????️ Bird Videos for Cats

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Mesmerize your cat with the breathtaking birds and acrobatic squirrels that come to feast in Patsy's Garden.

At Patsy’s Garden we create Cat TV for cats to watch. We film the birds & squirrels that feed in our garden for cats, dogs, other pets and their owners to enjoy.

All our videos are completely original, and are typically recorded over 3-4 hours. We edit out all the moments when nothing is happening and then, seamlessly, loop the remaining footage (~45-200 minutes) to last 10 hours so it can be left on in the background all day.

All our footage is recorded in 4K Ultra High Definition at 50 frames per second, and rendered for HDR and standard screens. This really bring out the detail of the animals and their movement. The audio is recorded with high quality microphones so you get to hear the actual birds chirping & flapping and squirrels rummaging. What you see is what you hear.

Unless stated otherwise the videos will contain ads, so these videos may not be the best for sleeping.

Fortunately, there are a couple ways to watch Patsy’s Garden Cat TV without intrusive ads:

1. Sign up to YouTube Premium. YouTube offer a 1-month free trial. As premium user you can watch all content on YouTube without the interruption of ads.

2. Become a Patsy’s Gardener. Our members can access a playlist which includes over 24 hours of ad-free, completely original, non-repeating and uninterrupted Cat TV. Simply click the Join button under our videos.

If you don’t mind ads, are an existing YouTube Premium member or already a Patsy’s Gardener and want to support us another way, you can donate some bird seed.

By supporting Patsy’s Garden you are also supporting the birds within it. We hope you enjoy watching our Cat TV videos as much as we enjoy making them.

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When not in our garden we enjoy walking our two dogs in nearby ancient woodland and coastal paths. We occasionally film these walks to create calming videos for dogs and their owners to relax to and enjoy.
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