Cute Little Animal, Part 3: Cat, Dog, Cow, Horse, Ram, Donkey ???? -????-????-????

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Animal Farm - is a channel that collects videos and sounds of wild and domestic animals, and even about fish, birds and amphibians.

Each animal has a characteristic appearance, habits and sounds. We all love such animals as cats and dogs, owls and foxes, sheep and pigs, elephants and rhinos. But there are thousands of different other animals at our planet.

To learn more about animals that live in different regions - in the savannah or in the forest, in the steppe or desert, in the mountains or in the sea, it is very educational to watch videos made by us with clearly recorded moments from the life of animals with their natural sounds.

We use licensed royalty free videos or record them by ourselves at home and when traveling. We create videos in a video editor with love and daily work. Please do not re-upload our video content.
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