10 BEST Beginner Aquarium Plants (explained) in 11 minutes!

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In this video, we have covered the Best Beginner Aquarium Plants, and if you are interested in knowing What Makes An Aquarium Plant Easy To Care For, you must watch this video.

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This video covers the Best Beginner Aquarium Plants, how to grow them, and the amount of care they need. And if you have a question related to these plants, you can contact us. CONTACT US:


Timestamps (Links to purchase below):
00:00 - Introduction
01:37 - Java Fern - https://aquariumstoredepot.com/javafernbp/
02:21 - Anubias Barteri - https://geni.us/AnubiasBarteriUNS
03:21 - Marimo Moss Balls - https://geni.us/MarimoBall
04:22 - Vallisneria - https://geni.us/Vallisneria
05:07 - Java Moss - https://geni.us/JavaMossBP
06:12 - Amazon Sword - https://geni.us/AmazonSword
07:05 - Monte Carlo - https://geni.us/MonteCarloUNSBP
08:07 - Cryptocoryne Lutea - https://geni.us/Cryptocoryne
08:53 - Micro Swords - https://geni.us/MicroSword
09:41 - Christmas Moss - https://geni.us/ChristmasMoss

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