Amphibians in Costa Rica, colorful frogs and salamanders in the rainforest, Glass frog fight

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When we are in the nature and we look for venomous snakes, we often encounter amazing amphibians. There are many frog and salamander species in Costa Rica. In this video we show amphibians which we managed to film. Red-eyed tree frogs (Agalychnis callidryas) are amazingly beautiful and they are the most photographed frogs in the world. Spiny-headed tree frog (Triprion spinosus) is not easy to find. It is known for its spines on the head. Glass frogs are beautiful and they have a transparent skin. We observed a fight between two males of Grainy Cochran frogs (Cochranella granulosa). Some species of glass frogs have parental care, some not. Strawberry poison frogs (Oophaga pumilio) are colorful and easy to find during the day. Savage's thin-toed frog (Leptodactylus savagei) is huge and it is always cool to find it in the rainforest. Costa Rica is home also to climbing salamanders. We filmed the Cukra climbing salamander (Bolitoglossa striatula).
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