Budgies parrots best foods for breeding | All birds winter foods | Mujeeb Birds breeding

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budgies winter food | birds winter best diet | budgies parrots breeding formula | winter seadmix

Budgies Winter Food|Birds Winter Best
Diet|Budgies Parrot Breeding Formula

Softfood Weekly Schedule in Winter for
Budgies | Healthy Food of Budgies in Winter
Indian Budgies and Love Birds

Best Winter food for Australian Parrots, sardi
ki khurak in urdu/Hindi by |Mujeeb Birds breeding

About this video

In this video I explained about #Budgiesseadmix and #BudgiesSoftFood.If you give these best foods to your birds not only your birds breed but their health will become good.You can give softfood to your budgies ie boiled rice,boiled chana,boiled corn and egg food to your budgies and all other birds.These are best breeding foods for your budgies, lovebirds and cocktail etc.this also work as the natural breeding formula for budgies because all the food are full of nutration.because of these foods the eggs quantity of your birds increase and you will get more chicks.

These winter food lisit is used by me and I get very good results in terms of breeding of budgies. If you will give these breeding softfoods and sead mix to your birds will breed in just 10 to 15 days.

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Mujeeb Birds breeding, 11 Budgies Winter Food / Birds Winter Best Diet / Budgies Parrot Breeding Formula, Budgies Parrot Medicines and seeds / Budgies Parrot Care Treatment And Breeding

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