CLEAR water in my African Cichlid tank: Results of UVC and Purigen (Part 2)

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In this video I show the difference ultraviolet clarifiers (UVC) and Seachem Purigen made to the colour/clarity of my aquarium water one week after adding them in.

There is a Part 1 to this video which I discuss in my detail why I wanted to try UVC and Purigen which you might like to check out:

1:20 - What is UVC? (Brief)
1:34 - Does UVC work? Before and After
2:06 - Does UVC Kill Good Bacteria?
2:40 - Running Costs of UVC
3:29 - Other Options for Fixing Green Water
4:36 - What is Seachem Purigen? (Brief)
5:02 - Does Purigen Make Water Clearer? Before and After
6:04 - Does Purigen Prevent Nitrates?
6:51 - Does Purigen Lower pH?
7:06 - Running Costs of Purigen
8:15 - Precautions when Using Purigen
9:53 - Do I recommend UVC and Purigen?

If you are struggling with green or dirty water it is good to understand the core of why the issue is occurring. You might find my other video "4 common causes of 'dirty' water and how to fix them" helpful:

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I would love to know:
What do you think of chemical filtration like Purigen?
What do you think of UVC?
Share you experiences!

Happy fish keeping!


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